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Orbital has a range of compliant models to suit all levels of businesses and the workforce

Here’s what we do

Orbital supports UK based contractors working for recruitment agencies by providing PAYE and self-employed payroll options.

Our specific outsource services are tailored to suit the whole contract chain in multiple industry sectors for blue and white collar disciplines. We want to help by ensuring a hassle-free and efficient pay run, with minimal fuss and always with a smile.

In 2018 we celebrated our 10th birthday, a milestone to confirm that we have been agile enough to cope with the various challenges that come our way. During this time we have always ensured that we treat everyone with the same integrity, respect and clear communication in line with our own client and contractor ‘CARE’ ethos:

Compliant Attentive Responsive Everytime

We also have several industry recognised accreditations’ which confirm our ongoing commitment to compliance and best practice. Why not get in touch to see how we can assist you?

Reliable options:

Umbrella PAYE

No Expenses - This model is what many existing agency workers will now fit into if they are currently paid an uplifted ‘umbrella rate’ by their agency and working in roles deemed likely to be under Supervision, Direction & Control (or the right of).

Mileage Only – If you’re not under Supervision, Direction & Control (or the right of), or are a Multi-site worker, you may be able to claim some expenses.

CIS/Non-CIS Self-Employed Sole Trader

For Construction Contractors who are NOT subject to SDC

The ‘Construction Industry Scheme’ is a very efficient self-employed method of payment that appeals to construction contractors who are NOT under Supervision, Direction & Control (or the right of).

You’d be paid as a self-employed sole trader and deducted the appropriate percentage of tax weekly. You may then claim legitimate business expenses to potentially receive a tax rebate via self-assessment.

Professional Employer Organisation (PEO)

This is as simple as PAYE as it comes. This model is perfect for agencies who do not have their own PAYE solution and who cater for workers who work from minimum wage upwards.

Get in touch to see how we could help take the headache out of your payroll for good!

Fully on-boarded with the Good Work Plan

We want clients and contractors to fully understand the method of getting someone paid and what services we offer, which is why we take the on-boarding process seriously.

This approach ties in with the Good Work Plan initiative that became law in 2020. We were already doing many of the GWP requirements including itemised payslips and clarity on what deductions can come off a worker’s pay etc.

So, we welcome the extra compliance steps like Key Information Documents to guarantee that all of the contract chain now have transparency and written confirmation on each payroll engagement.

Our Commitment to Compliance

Business Accolades

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