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Peace of Mind

Clients can rest assured that they are getting sound advice and best practice from a compliant and long-established payroll provider.

We carry the most recognised compliance standards throughout our industry and we operate completely independently, so always have your best interests, discretion and safety at heart.

Proactive Right to Work in the UK Checks

We insist on correctly performing the required checks on Right to Work (RTW) documents as standard, which has led to many illegal workers being exposed at Orbital HQ over the years.

Our back-office staff have undergone specific training in being able to spot counterfeit documents with a trained eye besides using the help of any electronic checks as a back-up.

If this is an area where you need help, why not ask us for a second opinion?

Advance Payments

This is a standard part of our service for late timesheets or if details have simply been missed off the normal weekly pay-run.

All we need is the operatives’ details and a breakdown of their earnings, and we will pay them the same day at no extra cost. Any payments owed can be settled the following week.

Online Services

We are a paperless company in tune with the on-the-go demands of a fluid, 21st century workforce.

This means that all workers can register their details, sign contracts, access payslips and attach documents electronically within a few simple clicks, giving you the knowledge that your temporary workers can be set up very quickly and compliantly.

Personable Service & Multi-lingual Staff

We keep it simple, to the point and aim to offer a transparent approach to all parties.

Our multi-lingual staff (Romanian, Polish, Portuguese and Southern Yorkshire) are on hand to offer unlimited assistance via phone, email, SMS, WhatsApp, portal messaging and website contact us page.

Jobs Board

The Orbital Job Board service is packed full with the latest vacancies.

As part of our employer obligations we offer a job board service that can assist the workforce when looking for their next assignment and can also assist agencies that want to advertise their latest available roles.

Fully on-boarded with the Good Work Plan

We want clients and contractors to fully understand the method of getting someone paid and what services we offer, which is why we take the on-boarding process seriously.

This approach ties in with the Good Work Plan initiative that became law in 2020. We were already doing many of the GWP requirements including itemised payslips and clarity on what deductions can come off a worker’s pay etc.

So, we welcome the extra compliance steps like Key Information Documents to guarantee that all of the contract chain now have transparency and written confirmation on each payroll engagement.

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