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Mar 18, 2021
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We have put together a few new videos to explain what other options you have, if you are unable to continue as a Limited Co./PSC contractor after April 2021.

Obviously the prospects might not be as tax efficient as being a director of your own company, but then again, what is?

They are however, compliant, straightforward, flexible for different industries and most of all give you choices. Don’t be ‘limited’ in your contracting ability – check out CIS/Non-CIS Sole Trader, Umbrella PAYE, Joint Employment (PAYE), PEO (PAYE) to see if they can work for you!

0:00​ Introduction to IR35
1:06​ CIS and Non-CIS Sole Trader
1:56​ Umbrella PAYE
2:34​ Joint Employment Model
3:16​ Professional Employer Organisation Model (PEO)
3:57​ What We Also Offer
4:19​ What We Don't Do
4:39​ Contact Orbital Today


Compliant payroll options for life after IR35

Understand the different payroll options available to you after IR35 and how Orbital can help.

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